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Why Elden Ring Is Game Of The Year 2022

2022 has been an incredible year for video games, but one title rose above the others and was awarded Game of the Year by GameSpot staff. In this video, Tamoor Hussain, Jake Dekker, and Lucy James discuss why FromSoftware’s Elden Ring won the coveted Game of the Year award for 2022.

In the last 10 years of gaming, there have been few developers as influential as From Software. From the challenging gameplay of Demon's Souls, to the thoughtfully crafted worlds of Dark Souls, the captivating stories of Bloodborne, or the precise gameplay of Sekiro, each of its games has impacted us in deep and meaningful ways.

Elden Ring is a game that builds upon all the previous games and surprises us with new jaw-dropping vistas and stunning architecture, presenting you with hardier challenges and rewarding you with brand new items and gear. Each subsequent playthrough of Elden Ring continues to give, allowing players to experience questlines and find characters that they might have missed, while developing a deeper understanding of the narrative driving the struggle in the Lands Between.

In Tamoor Hussain’s review, , he said Elden Ring was contrariant in almost every way and its commitment to design by subtraction placed the responsibility of charting their journey in the hands of the player. All these months later, the impact of that has not lessened. He previously said Elden Ring stands head and shoulders above other open-world titles, and as bold as that statement is, he believes it even more strongly today. With Elden Ring, From Software has raised the bar for open-world games by redefining its design-philosophies and it showcases that the studio will continue to remain as influential in the years to come.